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Breakthrough TI crossover technology

We have completed a monumental breakthrough in crossover technology, codenamed “Ti”, and resulting in a quantum leap in performance in our Maestro system. Whereas the earlier version of Maestro was merely more-than-competitive with other designs in its price range, and routinely outperformed systems costing 2-6 times as much, the new Maestro Ti has achieved a quantum leap in performance over anything in the world at any price. In head-to-head comparisons against the very best speakers in the world, the gap between the Maestro Ti and anything else is not subtle. In transparency, soundstaging, seamless top-to-bottom performance, and just plain “disappearance into nothingness”, the Maestro Ti is a revelation. Even I quite literally would not have believed that this level of performance was possible. Until I heard it with my own ears, that is.