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It just keeps happening…

It happened at CES again this year, with the AudioMachina CRG/CRS system and the excellent Modwright Instruments electronics, total system cost less than $50K. It happened yet again at the recent Munich show, with the AudioMachina CRM/CRS system and the superb Einstein electronics, total system cost less than $100K. Year after year, show after show, people keep coming into our room, and after listening intently to a few tracks, they often comment that not only is our system the most “natural” and “lifelike” system they’ve heard in the entire show, but that it’s better than the $300K, $400K, $500K+ systems being shown by the “big names” in the big rooms. It doesn’t seem to matter which model we show, the comments remain the same. And most gratifying of all, many of the people making these comments are directly involved in the music business one way or another, as artists, or instrument makers, or recording engineers, or producers, etc. This tells me we’re achieving our most important goal: the closest possible approach to the sound of the real, live, original musical event. Isn’t it time you discovered for yourself why AudioMachina, year after year, continues to quietly make the world’s finest loudspeakers?