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Show News, and a Wonderful New Review!

Fall is here already, and with both the Tokyo show and Rocky Mountain Audio Fest fast approaching, it’s a busy time. THE Show Newport was a great success again this year, with great crowds and a lot of good music. We had two rooms this year, both of which were really special in their own way.

In the smaller room, with the Air Force Two turntable, Graham tonearm, and the wonderful Einstein integrated amp “The Tune,” we showed the incredible CRM II prototypes, which once again wowed everyone with their absolutely incredible “performance per liter”, more akin to a Formula One racing engine relative to an econobox engine. If you want true high-performance playback from a true bookshelf-sized speaker, there’s just nothing in the world that can touch the CRM.

In the larger room, we showed the simply incomparable new Maestro GSE with the Air Force One turntable and the superb Einstein “The Preamp” and two bi-amplified stereo “The PowerAmps.” From source to speaker, everything in this system is truly state-of-the-art and easily among the best in the world, if not the absolute best in the world, and the sound showed it. Once again, as has happened every time we’ve ever demoed any version of the Maestro at an American audio show, we had music recording industry professionals tell us that upon playing their “unobtainium” recordings on the Maestro system, that the sound was the closest they’ve ever heard to the real, original, live event at which they first heard and/or recorded the music. That is immensely gratifying and a tremendous honor, and it gives us confirmation that all the hard work is worth it in the end. There are plenty of high-end loudspeakers in the world, but year after year, AudioMachina gains the reputation of being the closest approach to the live, original musical event, regardless of cost.

We will be once again showing the Maestro GSE (and Air Force, and Einstein) at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, first weekend of October, so if you are ready to experience musical playback at a level of realism which simply isn’t available from the heavily-advertised brands, please visit us in room 1007, and bring your favorite recordings!

Lastly, there is wonderful new review of the Maestro GSE, first published by reviewer (and exceptional recording engineer/ producer) Dirk Sommer in the German HiFiStatement, and recently translated for publication in Positive Feedback here in America:

We invite everyone to not only read the reviews, but more importantly, come experience what is quite possibly the finest musical reproduction system ever assembled in one place, at the upcoming RMAF 2015.
Happy Listening!
Dr. Karl Schuemann