The AudioMachina XTAC Master Reference System

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Introduction to X.T.A.C.

“The AudioMachina XTAC Master Reference System is a monumental breakthrough in High Fidelity Loudspeaker performance, and the culmination of a lifetime of dedicated thought and effort towards perfecting the art and science of loudspeaker design. XTAC represents an absolute paradigm shift in the level of fidelity which can (finally) be expected from “High-Fidelity” Loudspeakers, regardless of cost. I believe the development of XTAC to be the single most revolutionary advance in loudspeaker fidelity, not only in my lifetime, but quite possibly in the entire history of the loudspeaker.” 

-Dr. Karl Schuemann, Designer


1. It is pronounced “Ecstasy”, for very good reasons.
2. It stands for “eXact Time/Amplitude Concert”, where “Concert” means not only “A Live Musical Performance” but also “Harmony or Accord”.

About The XTAC Master Reference System

While the AudioMachina XTAC Master Reference System shares some superficial visual similarities to other speakers, the fundamental physics which form the basis for the XTAC System’s operation are radically different than any other loudspeaker system ever made. As a result, not only is its resultant musical fidelity radically better than any other loudspeaker ever made in the entire history of the world, but furthermore, its development marks an absolutely revolutionary paradigm shift in the definition of “High Fidelity” as applied to loudspeakers. Suffice to say that the development of XTAC has essentially relegated all prior “high fidelity” loudspeakers to instant obsolescence, regardless of their cost.

Why are we able to make such a claim? Because, for the first time in the entire history of loudspeaker design, the AudioMachina XTAC Master Reference System achieves an extremely high level of fidelity in the Time-Amplitude domain, and does so in a true full-frequency-range, full-dynamic-range system. The magnitude of this achievement cannot possibly be overstated, and for many music lovers, XTAC will be an epiphany of a magnitude never imagined possible.

For an introduction to the design and features of the XTAC Master Reference System, and to begin to understand the reasons behind the revolutionary paradigm shift in loudspeaker fidelity achieved by XTAC, please read the White Paper located in the drop-down menu.

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