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North American Sales:

Because the XTAC Master Reference System represents such a monumental breakthrough in loudspeaker performance and fidelity, if you are at all interested in High-Fidelity Music or Audio reproduction, we strongly encourage you to experience the XTAC system in person at your earliest possible opportunity. Listening sessions are by appointment only, in our dedicated listening room, in our beautiful mountaintop location near Fort Collins, Colorado. Flights to Denver International Airport (DEN) are inexpensive and convenient from anywhere. We are an easy 1.5-hour drive from the airport, and also quite close to Rocky Mountain National Park. (And if you attend RMAF, a visit to AudioMachina is probably by far the single most important event of your entire weekend!) We will be happy to provide you with directions and recommendations for Hotel and Dining. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own favorite source material, whether CD or Vinyl or Streaming, and be prepared to finally hear, for the very first time in your life, a true “High Fidelity” reproduction of what your favorite music actually sounded like when it was originally recorded.

AudioMachina XTAC Master Reference System Pricing

(Standard 2-Channel Stereo Systems):

XTAC 2.0m                         $66,000         XTAC 2.4m                         $72,000

XTAC 2.8m                         $78,000         XTAC 3.2m                         $84,000

XTAC 3.6m                         $90,000         XTAC 4.0m                         $96,000


Prices include all XTAC Speaker Modules for two (2) complete Line Arrays of specified length, two (2) XTAC Amplifiers, all necessary speaker cables, power cords, and hardware, free shipping, free professional in-room installation, and free full personalized consultation regarding room dimensions and recommended acoustic treatments.

Customized systems for Home Theater, Surround Sound, etc., are also available. Please inquire with your particular needs.