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AudioMachina has gained a worldwide reputation synonymous with “pure, natural, lifelike” music reproduction. AudioMachina’s President, Dr. Karl Schuemann, has made the study of the art and science of ultra-high-fidelity loudspeaker design a lifelong passion. With undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mathematics, and an MD degree from one of the world’s finest medical universities, Dr. Schuemann has always had a particular interest in not only high-fidelity loudspeakers, but also in the human ear/brain system, its inherent capabilities and limitations, and especially in the discovery and understanding of which aspects of loudspeaker design are most critical for our ability to perceive reproduced sound as “natural” and “lifelike”.

2017 represented a year of enormous breakthroughs for AudioMachina. As a “fun little project”, we developed an extraordinary little device for vinyl playback systems, the AudioMachina V8 Broad-Spectrum Cartridge/Tonearm Vibration Absorber (Patent Pending). Designed to remove the parasitic cartridge and tonearm vibrations which inevitably occur in all mechanical vinyl playback systems, the AudioMachina V8 should now be considered absolutely essential for achieving the highest performance from any vinyl playback system, regardless of cost.

Vastly more momentous, however, was the completion of the AudioMachina XTAC Master Reference System (Patent Pending), after many years and many thousands of hours of dedicated study, effort, and singleminded focus. The utterly revolutionary loudspeaker technology embodied in XTAC is, in our opinion, not only the greatest single advance in loudspeaker fidelity in our lifetime, but quite possibly in the entire history of the loudspeaker. We believe that another century from now, history will remember 2017 as the year when the problem of true high-fidelity loudspeaker design was finally solved. Experience XTAC for yourself, and be prepared to experience ecstasy in a music playback system like you’ve never imagined was possible.

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Our goal is to achieve the closest possible approach to perfection in design, craftsmanship, and performance. All our products are 100% handcrafted, one at a time, in the USA, using the most advanced modern technology and the finest old-world standards of craftsmanship.