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Munich 2014 Fantastic Sound!

Since we began working with Einstein Audio as our German distributor in 2012, the Munich show has become a highlight of the year, with so many passionate music lovers in attendance, and many people have consistently told us that the AudioMachina/Einstein system at HiFiDeluxe had the best sound of any room at the entire show, MOC included. This year, with both the new, state-of-the-art, breathtakingly good AudioMachina Maestro GSE, and the absolutely incredible Air Force One turntable, with the astonishingly lifelike Einstein cartridge and electronics, the Einstein room once again outclassed the entire MOC, and this time by an even larger margin than ever before. The performance of this system was at such a high level that it eclipsed anything I, and many many other people, heard at the MOC, even the half-million to million-dollar “Ultra-Bling” systems that seem to be popping up everywhere. If you grow weary of the relentless drumbeat of “newer and flashier and more expensive”, and just want an absolutely pure, lifelike, musical sound in your life, it’s time you discovered AudioMachina. For over a decade, while others concentrate on marketing and promotion, we have been passionately devoted to making the finest loudspeakers in the world, one painstakingly handcrafted objet d’art at a time.