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Another Great Year! New Maestro GSE, Pure NSE

As 2014 draws to a close, AudioMachina wishes all our customers and friends a joyous holiday season, and a happy and healthy 2015. This year saw the introduction of several new and superb revisions to our “Ultimate” product line, including our new flagship Maestro GSE and the beautiful new Pure NSE. These models will appear in full on our website as soon as we can arrange for photography– there is never enough time!

Introduced in both the Munich and Tokyo shows this year, the Maestro GSE is a refinement of our amazing Maestro S model, with two major improvements: First, we designed a completely new base for even greater rigidity and higher performance. Machined from a massive solid block of 3″ (75mm) thick aluminum aerospace alloy, and utilizing an all-new spike system with massive 1/2″ diameter stainless steel spikes, custom-made in-house with custom aluminum alloy caps, this base has not only taken the amazing Maestro S to another level, but once again we have gone so far beyond existing “state of the art” that a new level is now established. Second, we made the upper module of the Maestro GSE system bi-wired, now requiring one stereo amplifier or two monoblock amplifiers per speaker. By reducing the power demands on a single amplifier channel, the extraordinary dynamic range (both micro and macro) of the Maestro GSE is achieved at an even higher level of transparency and musicality. Many people, upon hearing this system for the first time, have commented that it is simply the finest speaker they have ever heard. Happily, we agree with this appellation. In fact, it brings to mind a new meaning for GSE: “Greatest. Speaker. EVER.”

The new Pure NSE (Nishikawa Special Edition) is a refinement of the prior Pure MkIII design, utilizing the new state-of-the-art base and spike technology developed for the Maestro GSE, and is the first major cosmetic re-design of the famous Pure System. The new Pure NSE design was done in conjunction with, and as a tribute to, Mr. Hideaki Nishikawa, our longtime distributor in Japan and a man for whom I have the utmost respect, as a designer, a music lover, a mentor, and a friend. Mr. Nishikawa has spent a lifetime in audio, not only as a first-class distributor in Japan of the finest audio products in the world, but as chief designer/director of the legendary Micro Seiki turntables, and now as designer and manufacturer of the TechDAS Air Force One turntable, which I consider to be by far the finest turntable in the world. So, upon the 10th anniversary of our very enjoyable association, I felt it was appropriate to do a “tribute model” for Mr. Nishikawa, as a way of saying thanks, and honoring this living legend of high-end audio. I hope that everyone who owns the Pure System, from the original all the way up through the ultimate Pure NSE model, will continue to enjoy its superbly natural musicality, and will join me in saying “Thank You” to Mr. Nishikawa for his lifetime of contributions to the state of the art in music reproduction.

Best Wishes for a wonderful and musical 2015!

Dr. Karl Schuemann
AudioMachina Inc.